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registration voteRegister for the Domestic Violence Address Confidentiality Program!

Don’t choose between your right to safety and your right to vote! Are you a survivor of domestic violence?  Do you live with a survivor of domestic violence?  If so, you may qualify for the Rhode Island Address Confidentiality Program.

What is it?

A program run by the RI Secretary of State which allows domestic violence survivors, and those who live with them, to block their addresses from being made public in the voter registration files. You can register to vote and still ensure that your abuser won’t find you. 

Who can be in the program?

Anyone in Rhode Island who has either a permanent restraining order, or a no-contact order, issued by any state,  or anyone who lives with someone who fits that description. See RI Secretary of State

How do I get into the program?

All you have to do is fill out the one-page application and a voter registration form, and mail it in along with a copy of your restraining or no-contact order, to the Secretary of State’s office at:

RI Secretary of State-Election Division
Attn: ACP 148 West River Street
Providence, RI 02904 
Where can I get the application?

Print it out below!

Does this affect my DMV records, or other records?

No, this program only affects your voter registration record, not information kept by the DMV or other government agencies.


Contact Jessica Seitz, RICADV legislative coordinator, at (401) 467-9940.

Address Confidentiality Application

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