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Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month (TDVAM)Black girl in red turtleneck shirt tilting her head looking forward with copy reading, "Your consent. Your decision. Healthy boundaries make for healthy relationships.", 800-494-8100, RICADV logo

Consent is yours to give, or not to give – the decision is yours. Setting up boundaries – physical or not, in any of your relationships – is a need and a right each of us has, and we deserve to have our boundaries respected. During Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month (TDVAM) in February and always, we affirmed everyone’s power in their personal decisions around physical, emotional and sexual consent and other boundaries, including use of personal time. In all of our relationships, whether with dating partners, friends, or family members, we have a right to say “no,” need more space, or change our minds. 

This TDVAM, we highlighted the importance of feeling empowered and demanding respect in all relationships. We shared examples of ways to practice vocalizing your boundaries and lifted up how healthy relationships include self-love and self-empowerment. 

2021 Public Awareness Campaign

In 2021, we updated our Love Is Not Control campaign to focus on signs of a healthy relationship and answer questions about safe dating.

The campaign included a weekly story series and invited Rhode Island students to share what a healthy relationship means to them and submit their questions about safe and respectful dating.

  • Campaign

  • Social Media Stories

    Our social media stories covered topics around safe and healthy dating. View the full story by clicking on the title pages:

    Story 1: Let's learn more about healthy relationships Story 2: Questions to ask yourself before dating someone new

    Story 3: Identifying dating abusing in LGBTQIA+ relationships Story 4: Digital Consent and Sexting

  • Student Quotes

    We invited Rhode Island students to share what a healthy relationship means to them! Here's what they had to say:

    TDVAM 2021 Student Quote 1 TDVAM 2021 Student Quote 2 TDVAM 2021 Student Quote 3 TDVAM 2021 Student Quote 4

  • Posters

     Poster saying "everyone deserves a healthy relationship" with an image of two young men with their arms around each other Poster saying "everyone deserves a healthy relationship" with an image of a young man and young woman hugging A poster saying "everyone deserves healthy relationships" with an image of two young women with their arms around each other

2019-2020 Public Awareness Campaign

The Love Is Not Control campaign featured youth from PrYSM (Providence Youth Student Movement), who chose to send the message that "everyone deserves healthy relationships."

The campaign included a video series, interactive social media posts, and digital advertising. Listeners also heard our PSAs on local radio stations, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, and iHeartRadio.

  • Campaign

  • Radio PSA

  • Healthy Relationship Series

    Healthy Relationship video seriesHRS Screenshot

    Learning about healthy relationships is an important part of preventing teen dating violence. During Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month, we invited the community to talk about healthy relationships in youth, teens, and young adults, highlighting signs of respect and strong partnerships. We invtite you to watch the Healthy Relationship series to learn more!




  • Poster

     RICADV AGENCIES Donde Poster 8.5x11   


2018 Public Awareness Campaign

In 2018, our public awareness campaign focused on raising awareness about the Lindsay Ann Burke Act. 

Did you know? Nearly 1 in 10 RI high schoolers has already experienced physical dating violence.

Fortunately, there is a law in Rhode Island that requires all middle schools and high schools to have a policy and teach everyone about the issue—it’s called the Lindsay Ann Burke Act, and it’s up to all of us to make sure this law is being implemented in our schools! Click here to learn more.

Check out the video below to hear our 2018 radio public service announcement. 

Teen DVAM 2018 Public Service Announcement


2016-2017 Public Awareness Campaign

  • Get Off the Bench!

  • Contest Winners

  • RICADV Promotional Video

In 2016, our "Get Off the Bench!" public awareness campaign featured URI student athletes saying NO MORE to dating and domestic violence and asking their peers to do the same.

Click below to watch our public service announcement starring the student athletes.


In 2016, we held a Lip Sync Video Contest for Rhode Islanders ages 12 to 24.

The contest was all about promoting love and respect for one’s self and others and saying NO MORE to dating violence. We received many great entries, which made our judging decisions difficult. To everyone who entered, voted, and shared—thank you for “getting off the bench” to help end dating violence!

Watch the winning video entries below!

Grand Prize Winner
Olivia – “Brave”

Carley – “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”

People’s Choice
(based on number of Facebook votes)
Scout – “Lost in the Supermarket”

Thank you to players from the North Kingstown High School Girls Soccer Team for creating this Lip Sync Video to help promote the contest!

2015 Public Awareness Campaign

We thought our friend's 'bae' was just really into her. Nonstop texts. Said things like, "You're everything to me." Then, he wouldn't leave her alone. Followed her everywhere! Spread rumors!! Even hacked her Twitter!!! We didn't want to see our friend get hurt, so we found ways to help.

The story above was the theme of our 2015 public awareness campaign. Learn more below!

  • Digital Story

  • Posters

  • Radio PSA

  • Wear Orange Day 2015

Teen Campaign 2015 Poster 2     Teen Campaign 2015 Poster 1     Teen Campaign 2015 Poster 3

In 2015, national Orange 4 Love Day was on February 10.
We asked Rhode Island communities to join us in wearing orange to promote healthy relationships!
See how others participated by clicking on our photo below!
RICADV Wears Orange 4 Love
d’s 24-hour Helpline at 1-800-494-8100.
2014 Public Awareness Campaign

Know what to do to help someone experiencing dating violence.

In 2014, our public awareness campaign focused on raising awareness about the warning signs of abuse and how young people can help their friends and peers who may be impacted by unhealthy relationships.

  • PSA

  • Web Clips

  • Instagram Contest

  • Know What Teens Think

Watch our 2014 public service announcement (PSA) below, created and enacted by local teens from Young Voices.

Young Voices is a Rhode Island-based non-profit that empowers youth to use their leadership skills for effecting real change in order to improve the lives of young people in RI.

The PSA depicts a dating violence situation that is increasingly common among Rhode Island youth: digital dating abuse revolving around social media.


Aired on local TV stations throughout February 


Aired on PANDORA and RI radio stations throughout February 

 Students from Young Voices record the TDVAPM radio spots at 92 PRO-FM studios


Members of Young Voices, actual students from different schools in Rhode Island, helped create these web clips, showing ways young people can help someone they know who is experiencing dating violence.


Know What to Do: Sharing Concerns & Resources

In this web clip, Sara's friends talk to her about dating violence. Many teens and young adults don't know that they're in an abusive relationship. Knowledge is key to preventing abuse. Sara's friends direct her to NOMORERI.ORG, where she can learn more about the warning signs of dating violence and obtain the Helpline number (1-800-494-8100) for future use.


Know What to Do: Speaking Up

In this web clip, Sara's boyfriend's friends confront him about his controlling behavior. Speaking up when you see or hear abuse is one way to help someone experiencing dating violence.

During TDVAPM 2014, the RICADV hosted an Instagram Contest.

We asked young Rhode Islanders, "What does a healthy relationship look like to you?

Rhode Islanders between the ages of 12 and 24 submitted Instagram photos showing what healthy love is to them, and we reviewed submissions throughout the month from participants showing us they #KNOWwhatloveis.

After the contest closed on February 20, the RICADV, our Public Awareness Working Group PAWG (comprised of representatives from our six member agencies), and our task force of dating and domestic violence survivors, SOAR (Sisters Overcoming Abusive Relationships), selected three winning photos out of almost 200 entries!

Each winning photo conveyed a healthy relationship through the unique perspective of the contest participants:

The first place $250 grand prize winner's photo represented the importance of showing healthy love for one's family and being a healthy relationship role model for the next generation.

The second place $150 winner's entry, a recreation of a popular meme, conveyed that "love is caring even when you're angry," respectful even when you disagree.

The third place $100 winner's submission depicted that former partners can still have a healthy relationship even if they're no longer together and that setting this example for your children can help shape their understanding of healthy love.

While healthy relationships take work and are all unique, the constant between all of them is shared respect and love.

Thank you to all of the contest participants for sharing your unique and beautiful depictions of healthy love with the RICADV and your community! Check out the first place winner below.

First Place


What do teens think about healthy relationships, and what influences their behaviors?

See what one school did to address dating violence and help prevent relationship abuse.

THE PROJECT: Students at The MET surveyed their peers about healthy relationships in late 2013. The infographic below shows their findings.

THE ADVOCATES: The project was made possible by a grant from the Rhode Island Department of Public Health. Both the RICADV and Sojourner House participated in a cooperative agreement to engage Rhode Island youth in the evaluation and measurement of intimate partner violence. The goal of the survey is to learn more about peer impressions of intimate partner violence, healthy relationships, and ways that prevention programs for intimate partner violence can better serve youth.


RICADV Teen Dating Infographic

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