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The reality is that dating violence happens.

Sadly, the chances are pretty high that someone you know will experience it in their lifetimes. So what's that got to do with you?

As a young person, you can change that reality. You and your friends have the extraordinary potential to create peace and a violence-free world.

Read on to find out ways that you can help in your community. You can also see some ways that young people in RI have already helped raise awareness about dating violence and healthy relationships!

Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month

See how we've raised awareness and engaged RI teens in the past during Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and check out some of the ways that young people in RI have taken a stand against dating violence and for healthy relationships!

  • Awareness Campaigns Featuring RI Youth

  • Social Media Contests with RI Teens

  • PSA: Get Off the Bench!

    Our most recent public awareness campaign "Get Off the Bench!" featured URI student athletes saying NO MORE to dating and domestic violence and asking their peers to do the same.

    Click below to watch the public service announcement starring the student athletes, which aired on local TV stations in October, national Domestic Violence Awareness Month.



  • PSA: Warning Signs

  • Digital Story: Kira's Story

  • PSA: Know What to Do

    Watch our 2014 public service announcement (PSA) below, created and enacted by local teens from Young Voices.

    Young Voices is a Rhode Island-based non-profit that empowers youth to use their leadership skills for effecting real change in order to improve the lives of young people in RI.

    The PSA depicts a dating violence situation that is increasingly common among Rhode Island youth: digital dating abuse revolving around social media.


    Aired on local TV stations throughout February


    2014 Radio PSA 
    Aired on PANDORA and RI radio stations throughout February 

     Students from Young Voices record the radio spots at 92 Pro-FM studios


  • Know What to Do Web Clips

    Members of Young Voices, actual students from different schools in Rhode Island, helped create these web clips, showing ways young people can help someone they know who is experiencing dating violence.


    Know What to Do: Sharing Concerns & Resources

    In this web clip, Sara's friends talk to her about dating violence. Many teens and young adults don't know that they're in an abusive relationship. Knowledge is key to preventing abuse. Sara's friends direct her to NOMORERI.ORG, where she can learn more about the warning signs of dating violence and obtain the Helpline number (1-800-494-8100) for future use.


    Know What to Do: Speaking Up

    In this web clip, Sara's boyfriend's friends confront him about his controlling behavior. Speaking up when you see or hear abuse is one way to help someone experiencing dating violence.

  • Lip Sync Video Contest - Facebook

    In February 2016, we held a Lip Sync Video Contest for Rhode Islanders ages 12 to 24.

    The contest was all about promoting love and respect for one’s self and others and saying NO MORE to dating violence.

    Watch the winners below! To everyone who entered, voted, and shared—thank you for “getting off the bench” to help end dating violence!

    Grand Prize Winner
    Olivia – “Brave”


    Carley – “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”


    People’s Choice
    (based on number of Facebook votes)
    Scout – “Lost in the Supermarket”



    Contest Promotional Video
    NK High School Soccer Team

    Thank you to players from the North Kingstown High School Girls Soccer Team for creating this Lip Sync Video to help promote the contest!

    Lip Sync Video Contest Promotional Video

Make Policy Change Happen in RI

Interested in making real, positive change in RI communities?

Click here to support our legislative advocacy work at the State House!

Here are some simple ways you can help advocate for a safer, more peaceful Rhode Island:

  • Sign up for our leglislative email alerts – stay in the know about how we're trying to strengthen RI laws to keep victims of abuse safe and to prevent dating violence in our state.
  • Visit our Policy page to learn about our current legislative priorities at the State House.
  • Follow the RICADV on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates and ways you can get involved, especially during RI's legislative session that runs from January to June.

Help Build a Future Without Violence

As a young person in RI, you have the power and the ability to drive the change you want to see in your community.

Too many young Rhode Islanders have already experienced dating violence - physical, sexual, emotional, and digital. We need your help to break the cycle, to stop dating violence before it begins.

Prevention is possible. You just have to know where to start - and it starts right here with you, taking a stand and saying NO MORE dating violence.

To find out what primary prevention looks like in our communities and how you can play your part, check out the new resource from the RICADV, Our Future Depends on Preventing Domestic Violence.

For more information, visit the RICADV's Prevention page.