What is Stalking?

Stalking is the unwanted pursuit of another person, whether a stranger, acquaintance, or current or former intimate partner, and includes repeated harassing or threatening behavior toward that person. Stalking is a crime that can cause tremendous fear without physical injury, yet one that can also be lethal, and it is a very effective tactic used by domestic violence abusers to maintain power and control over their victims.

Since abusive partners often have extensive and intimate knowledge of their victims' lives, including their routines, relationships, communities, and even their hopes and fears, abusers can readily stalk and exploit their victims.

What is Cyberstalking?

Cyberstalking means using technology to stalk someone. Cyberstalking does not require close physical proximity to a person, so a perpetrator can often remain anonymous or even enlist others in helping them stalk their victim.

For comprehensive resources on stalking, visit the Stalking Resource Center, a program of The National Center for Victims of Crime.