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Call on our leaders in Rhode Island to prevent domestic violence.

Contact our elected officials now to support these critical programs and policy efforts for preventing domestic violence before it starts. Find action steps below for ways you can support the RICADV and our allied coalitions on these much-needed changes.

Preserve and increase Rhode Island’s Domestic Violence Prevention Fund
To learn more about the DVPF and current grantees, click here.

Action step: Call and email our leaders in the R.I. State House
To make an impact during this time of heightened risk for survivors during the COVID-19 pandemic, we must contact the General Assembly leadership and Governor Gina Raimondo directly. Call and email our elected officials – tell them we need to increase Rhode Island’s Domestic Violence Prevention Fund immediately!

Governor Gina Raimondo
401-222-2080 |

Senate President Dominick J. Ruggerio
401-222-6655 |

Speaker of the House Nicholas A. Mattiello
401-222-2466 |

Recommended script:

Hi, my name is [________] and I live in [________]. I’m [calling/emailing] to urge Rhode Island leaders to increase the Deborah DeBare Domestic Violence Prevention Fund (DVPF) in the state budget to $500,000.

The DVPF aims to stop domestic violence before it starts, before people ever experience or perpetrate abuse. The DVPF is the only state funding of its kind in R.I. with this primary purpose.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the risks for domestic violence have surged, along with the needs for services and support for survivors and their children. We must continue to respond to domestic violence after it has occurred, AND we must prioritize strategies for preventing this violence before it ever happens in the first place.

[If you have a personal story about how domestic violence has impacted you, children you know, your loved ones, friends, or neighbors, share it here. Our elected leaders need to hear how this issue impacts our community.]

I’m urging the governor, senate president and speaker of the house to increase the Domestic Violence Prevention Fund at this critical time. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Economic justice for all: Action steps from our partners

The RICADV is an active partner on these policy campaigns advocating for economic justice for R.I. families. Please visit their websites for ways you can support these critical efforts. You can:

  • Sign on as an individual or organization.
  • Share your story as someone who has been or knows someone affected by these issues.
  • Contact your elected officials. You can find out who they are and their contact information here.
  • Follow our allied coalitions on Facebook, share their posts and attend their community organizing events.

Raising Rhode Island: The RI Works public assistance benefit has not been increased in almost 30 years, with a $0 investment made by our state since 2010. We are the only state in New England that has not increased the benefit, and ours is the lowest in the region. Nearly ¾ of RI Works recipients are children, and 87% of adults enrolled in R.I. Works are women. This means thousands of Rhode Island mothers are living on $6 per person per day – dollars that now have to stretch even further in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We must do more as a state to lift women and children out of deep poverty, one of the root causes of domestic violence.

Raise the Bar on Resident Care: Direct care workers, such as essential employees in nursing homes, are underpaid and understaffed, while R.I. is the only state in New England with no minimum number of care hours per resident per day. The pandemic has only made this staffing crisis worse. Almost all direct care workers are women, and the majority are women of color, who are disproportionately harmed by domestic violence. These caregivers deserve increased wages and a minimum staffing standard for Rhode Island. Such critical supports can help create gender and racial equity in R.I. and prevent abuse in our communities.
Follow Raise the Bar on Facebook.

Housing Advocacy with HomesRI

As an active partner on the HomesRI campaign, the RICADV has been supporting advocacy efforts related to:

Please get involved through, and follow HomesRI on Facebook for updates and action steps.

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