Prohibit Revenge Porn (S2581 Lynch Prata / H7452 Craven)
This act would bar a person from electronically disseminating visual images of another engaged in sexually explicit conduct or the intimate parts of another without consent.

Impact on Victims:
Revenge Porn is a tactic abusers often use to control their victims, who can then become fearful of going out in public and suffer from PTSD and depression. Electronically sharing private sexual images without consent is a serious violation of privacy, a basic human right.

Create Commission on Children Who Witness Violence (H7613 Ranglin-Vassell)
This House Resolution would create a 13-member commission to study the long-term impact of trauma on children who have been exposed to violence.

Impact on Victims:
Children who witness violence have an increased risk of serious long-term health and developmental consequences; they struggle with education, PTSD, substance abuse, and often become victims or perpetrators of violence themselves.

Fight for $15 Minimum Wage (S2244 Calkin / H7636 Ranglin-Vassell)
This bill would gradually and predictably raise the minimum wage in Rhode Island to $15 an hour by 2023, a wage that is consistent with the actual cost of living.

Impact on Victims:
Loss of financial stability can be a significant obstacle for domestic violence victims leaving an abusive relationship. Raising the minimum wage and the tipped minimum wage would benefit thousands of low-wage workers, many of whom are survivors of domestic violence with families.

Pass the Fair Pay Act (S2475 Goldin / H7427 Donovan)
This bill would help to close the wage gap by clarifying and strengthening existing equal pay protections and prevent salary discrimination based on protected classes.

Impact on Victims:
Rhode Island women are paid 82 cents for every $1.00 paid to men. The pay gap is even worse for women of color. Closing the gender pay gap is one way to reduce violence in women's lives. Domestic violence survivors should not have to choose between economic security and their own safety.

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