While we must continue to respond to the needs of victims who have already experienced domestic violence, advocates across the country and in Rhode Island are developing innovative strategies for stopping domestic violence before it starts–before people ever become victims or perpetrators.

In 2003, the RICADV became one of only 14 states to receive the DELTA grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to build greater capacity for preventing domestic violence in Rhode Island.

In 2013, the RICADV was again selected as one of only 10 states to receive the DELTA FOCUS grant from the CDC to continue this work and contribute to a national evidence base on how to prevent domestic violence before it happens in the first place.

In 2016, the Domestic Violence Prevention Fund was established by the Rhode Island General Assembly–the first-ever dedicated state funding in RI for evidence-based primary prevention programs. 

Learn more about our primary prevention work through this section of our website.

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