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The Domestic Violence Prevention Fund (DVPF) was established by the Rhode Island General Assembly (R.I.G.L. § 12-29-12), creating a fund which has as its primary purpose the prevention of domestic violence and dating violence.

The DVPF will be administered by the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence (RICADV) and will be used to promote evidence-informed primary prevention programs in Rhode Island aimed at stopping intimate partner violence before it starts.

Implementation Projects

In January 2017, the RICADV granted three Implementation Project awards to local organizations. When making decisions about which projects would be funded, priority was given to proposals that focused on altering norms, policies, and community conditions that impact girls and boys of color and LGBTQ and Two-Spirit youth, and that support the implementation of the Lindsay Ann Burke Act in schools.

  • 2017-18

  • YWCA Rhode Island

    YWCA Rhode Island received a $55,000 Implementation Project award to train educators, youth workers, service providers, and community members on the historical and current ways institutional and structural racism impact girls of color and to provide a proven practice for building resiliency in girls.

     “Our project recognizes that girls of color are often overlooked when community members, service providers, and educators address issues of gender and racial inequality, and its relationship to intimate partner violence. It is a clarion call to all of our better selves to highlight the unique struggles of girls of color and ask what we as individuals and as part of larger organizations can do to improve our society by raising awareness and focusing on altering norms, polices, and community conditions that impact girls of color.” - Deborah Perry, President/CEO

  • Progreso Latino

    Progreso Latino received a $55,000 Implementation Project award to execute Teen & Adult Prevention Program (TAPP), a prevention program that will use a holistic public health approach to build the community’s capacity to address intimate partner violence in the Blackstone Valley area. TAPP will create adult and youth social action groups that will assess community challenges and then mobilize the community to identify and lead social change efforts and policy reforms. Progreso Latino has partnered with the Blackstone Valley Advocacy Center, the local domestic violence agency in that area to provide domestic violence prevention education to social action groups and local schools.

    “We understand that violence is a symptom of many factors and that we need to work together in order to make a difference. We are eager to work with the RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Blackstone Valley Advocacy Center along with other organizations in order to seek out grass roots solutions to intimate partner violence.” - Mario Bueno, Executive Director

  • Sojourner House

    Sojourner House received a $55,000 Implementation Project award to launch Interpersonal Violence Youth Peer Advocacy Network Program in the communities of Providence and Woonsocket. With support from three community-based youth serving organizations - Youth Pride Inc., Youth In Action, and Youth Works 411, and the Providence Student Union - Sojourner House will train youth activists and establish a peer-advocacy program that will support schools with the implementation of the Lindsay Ann Burke Act.

    "Sojourner House currently operates a variety of direct and emergency services programs to help victims of abuse reclaim their lives. We're thrilled to receive funding to help address the root causes of interpersonal violence and therefore be part of the solution to prevent violent relationships before they happen. We know this work is a community effort, which is why we've partnered with local youth organizations and schools in Providence and Woonsocket to implement our project." - Vanessa Volz, Executive Director


Community Micro-grants

In addition to the Implementation Project awards, the RICADV has awarded one-time Community Micro-grants to local organizations. Priority was given to short-term projects that foster and increase community cohesion through public awareness, education, and the arts; and that help community members make a personal connection to the issue of intimate partner violence by encouraging bystanders to take action.

  • 2017

Princes 2 Kings received a $5,000 micro-grant to develop an engaging and educational stop motion animation film addressing teen dating violence. The script will be developed by the program participants and they will also perform, record, and edit the film.

Youth In Action (YIA) received a $9,755 micro-grant to support the development and implementation of a series of youth designed community events in 2017. Youth In Action will provide staff training on recognizing, responding to, and making referrals for families experiencing IPV. They will also develop a youth-led film and discussion series for 75 youth, as well as launch a social media campaign to create awareness and drive participation in the film and discussion series.

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