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Regarding the Domestic Violence-Related Murder of Timothy J. Robillard and Suicide of Robert Amado

Statement by Deborah DeBare, Executive Director, Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence (RICADV) and Linda Impagliazzo, Executive Director, Blackstone Valley Advocacy Center

Regarding the Domestic Violence-Related Murder of Timothy J. Robillard and Suicide of Robert Amado

"We are grieved at the alarming loss of life in Pawtucket that was reported late yesterday evening. Our sincere condolences go out to all those affected by this terrible crime."

"This incident reminds us that domestic violence is a community health issue, one that is not going away. People are often shocked and outraged that something so awful could happen where they live or to people they know. But we must recognize that domestic violence is pervasive and that no one is immune. One in four women and one in seven men experience severe physical violence by an intimate partner during their lifetime. Domestic violence is perpetrated every day in every community in Rhode Island, and murder is often the final abusive act in a pattern of violent behaviors that came before."

"In addition to endangering those directly involved, domestic violence can rattle our neighborhoods, jeopardize our safety and take away our sense of security. Domestic violence unravels the fabric of our communities, and we must act now to prevent such violence from occurring in the future."

"We missed an opportunity this legislative session when the Rhode Island General Assembly failed to pass the Domestic Violence Prevention Fund, a critical step toward preventing future violence and to creating a world in which our neighborhoods and loved ones are safe. In the wake of this tragedy, we call on all Rhode Islanders to take a stand – we must make addressing domestic violence a priority if we truly wish to end it in our state."

"According to published police reports, the incident occurred due to a relationship that ended. Sadly, we know that attempting to end a violent relationship is often the most dangerous time for a person being abused, and our member agencies continue to provide services that keep domestic violence victims safe, including 24-hour hotline support and emergency shelter. Each of us can also do our own part as active bystanders to help those whom we suspect or know are witnessing abuse. Even the most basic step we take to help can save someone's life. Learn more at our website,, or call the statewide Helpline for more information."



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